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Scuba Diving

The Maldives is famed for its rare underwater beauty. The profusion of psychedelic colors and the abundance and variety of life underwater have fascinated divers and snorkelers since Maldives was discovered as a diving destination. The highest level of visibility that one could expect- sometimes exceeding 50 meters – and warm temperatures throughout the year makes diving in the Maldives a delight you would want to experience over and over again. The Maldives has some of the best dive sites in the world and many visit the Maldives repeatedly for the sole purpose of diving.

Exceptional and easily accessible underwater life makes the Maldives one of the world’s top diving and snorkeling destinations. You don’t need to be a deep sea diver to see what lies beneath the tropical waters of the Maldives. We offer many beautiful dive points including manta points, turtle points, etc. Also boat dives, night diving for certified divers. Discover scuba diving programs for non-certified guests. PADI certified courses – Scuba Dive Course, Open Water Diver Course, Advanced Open Water Diver Courses, etc.


Experience the diversity of marine life of the maldives by going for snorkeling at the Maafushi lagoon or house reef. Venturo Maldives has snorkeling equipment available for you to explore the underwater world.


Fishing in the Maldives waters can be an adventure of a lifetime for keen fishermen and first-timers alike. The Maldivian seas are azure blue and deep, the fish numerous and varied. Sailfish, huge tuna, wahoo, barracuda and jackfish are common games.

Traditionally Maldivians, as masters of the sea, used small dhonis and trawled outside the atoll enclosure reef for big game such as sailfish, swordfish, marlin, wahoo, barracuda, yellowfin tuna and other game. Now visitors can enjoy the excitement of fishing in the Maldives in a live aboard.

We offer you the chance to experience Day and Night fishing using the traditional local style fishing line and weights. We also specialize in different types of fishing cruises. It is advisable to bring your rod and lures for this type of fishing.

Dolphin Cruise

Swimming with dolphin may be a dream of many. We can offer you a cruise specially designed for watching dolphins. Maldives’ waters are rich with different types of dolphins. You can see them rhythmically dancing and playing with each other. Venturo Maldives will organizes special dolphin watching cruises to specific locations.

Resort Excursions

There are many resorts nearby Maafushi. Venturo Maldives will organise day trips to the following resorts for you to enjoy.

Anantara Island resort
Kandoomaa island resort
Biyadhoo island resort
Fihaalhohi island resort
Ran'naalhi island resort
Fun island island resort
Rihiveli beach resort
Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort
Cocoa Island

Sand Bank Visits

Small islands which has nothing except pure white sand encircled with clear lagoons we call sandbanks, or sometimes baby island. So pure and white all over the world will definitely save your dreams touching your self with your own feelings to express the value of your holiday. Some of the sandbanks get the entire island under water during high-tide and when its low-tide it again rises above the surface. This continuous process of nature purifies the sands with tiny waves of the sea, replacing foot prints with sandy patterns. A fresh island is born every day.